AirBoss Defense Group (ADG) announced today that Army Contracting Command Warren has awarded a two year extension to the “Husky Long Term Contract” to Critical Solutions International (CSI), an ADG company. The extension will provide an additional two years of ordering options to the base Long-Term Contact awarded in March 2017. This two year extension is
based around the Husky 2G Protected Payload Delivery Vehicle and its associated route clearance payloads.

This contract extension provides Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customers an enduring mechanism to procure protected payloads, spare parts and training in support of the Husky 2G C-IED vehicle system. Fiscal Year 2020 and 2021 Pseudo-Foreign Military Sales funds in the amount of $35,685,503 were obligated at the time of the award. $35.6M accounts for anticipated volumes of Husky 2G support equipment to be procured over the extended period of performance. Under the base contract, awarded in 2017 and valued at $132 million, CSI successfully delivered 41 Husky 2G vehicle systems with associated protected payloads to include Interrogation Arms, Ground Penetrating Radar, 360 degree cameras, Self-Defense Remote Weapon Stations (SDRWS) and RPG Nets. Husky 2G vehicles have been delivered to multiple FMS customers under this contact supporting route clearance capability development in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. In addition, U.S. sponsored Building Partner Capacity (BPC) programs have been leveraged on this contract to provide Husky 2G’s with protected payloads to Ukraine and Iraq as a part of the Global Train and Equip (GT&E) and Counter-ISIS Train and Equip Fund (CTEF) programs.

Patrick Callahan, CEO of AirBoss Defense Group said, “Our company is incredibly proud of all that we have accomplished executing on the Husky Long-Term contract over the last three years. This extension is a testament to the U.S. Government’s commitment to supporting our International customers with the most advanced route clearance package available. International demand for adaptive route clearance and C-IED capabilities continues to grow. This contract extension allows for a streamlined acquisition process for ADG to continue providing solutions to our customers’ global needs.”

Initial demand from existing customers for follow-on support requirements, to include both hardware and services, as well as new capability requirements utilizing U.S. GT&E funding are planned for 2021. Work for this contract will be performed out of the company’s Charleston, South Carolina location with a period of performance ending September 2022.

CSI attributes their success in delivering urgent route clearance capabilities worldwide to the company’s diverse network of unique technology partners. Working closely with DCD Protected Mobility, Chemring Sensors and Electronic Systems, FASCAN International, Denel Mechatronics and QinetiQ Inc., CSI provides a comprehensive equipment solution through this single contract. The coordinated application of these protection, detection, interrogation, and security systems creates a full spectrum of route clearance capability.

Formed in January 2020, AirBoss Defense Group (ADG) is the product of a merger between AirBoss Defense, a global leader in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) personal protection equipment and Critical Solutions International, a leader in route clearance. ADG is an umbrella survivability group that provides military and tactical customers around the world with a growing and diverse portfolio of products that span the survivability spectrum. From threat prevention to incident response, ADG’s combined product offering is an optimized mix of mission-critical consumables, durable major equipment, deployed sustainment and service support.

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