U.S. Representative Mark Sanford Joins Celebration of Business Growth and Expansion

CHARLESTON, SC (Friday, June 5, 2015) – Critical Solutions International (CSI), the world’s
leading provider and service supporter of blast protected vehicles with land mine and improvised explosive device (IED) detection and interrogation capability today held a grand opening celebration for their new global headquarters facility.

The event featured keynote remarks from U.S. Representative Mark Sanford (R-SC) and a live demonstration of the Husky 2G IED and mine clearance vehicle. Additionally, there was a special award presentation from Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense John Johns. The two operator Husky is the most advance mine detection and ordinance interrogation platform available to the government today.

CSI chose to relocate to Charleston due to the improving business climate in South Carolina and ease of access to international shipping from the Port of Charleston. The company is currently supporting several important projects in the war on global terror and actively executing programs overseen by the U.S. Army and the Iraqi Ministry of Defense to protect both soldiers and civilians in harm’s way.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Maintenance Policy and Programs John Johns presented CSI with a special award recognizing their exemplary support for foreign security programs. The Maintenance Training, Advice, and Assistance of Foreign Security Forces Excellence Award was presented to Mr. Callahan in recognition of CSI’s contribution to the Logistics Advisory and Strategic Initiatives Team’s development of long-term sustainment efforts for ground wheeled tactical vehicles in Afghanistan.

“Our company is fortunate to have the commitment and support of our elected officials, industry partners, and customers as we continue to expand our business here in Charleston. We look forward to working together to provide the safest, most dependable lifesaving vehicles and products for our armed services and international military partners. Our event here today is another step in the growth and development of our company and I personally thank Representative Mark Sanford for joining us today to demonstrate our unique role and commitment to the mission.”

Representative Mark Sanford said “Critical Solutions International joins a thriving community of defense contractors here in the Charleston area. They bring with them a well-established reputation for providing protection to those involved in conflicts overseas, and even now are supporting the Iraqi government in the conflict against ISIS. I think it’s worth nothing that CSI is leading the way in the fight against global terror and providing the vehicles keeping both Americans and Iraqis safe.”

During his remarks, Rep. Sanford announced that the United States government recently confirmed a new order for ten Husky 2G mine clearance vehicles to be deployed in Iraq as coalition forces continue to improve route clearance abilities as the fight against ISIS continues.

This order supplements an earlier purchase made directly by the Iraq Ministry of Defense. CSI’s approach to partnering with customers to equip, train and sustain has been recognized as a model for American businesses working with with the Department of Defense and foreign military organizations. Through this continued commitment, CSI is leading the way for American small businesses involved in military procurement.

About Critical Solutions International

CSI is the world’s leading provider and service supporter of blast protected vehicles with landmine, improvised explosive device and unexploded ordinance detection capability. An essential supplier of the U.S. countermine and humanitarian demining community, CSI’s products lead the way in the safe detection and identification of hidden threats. For more information please visit www.c-s-i.com