High-Gear-Suit-smVIRGINIA BEACH, VA (June 23, 2014) As military operations overseas have drawn down over the past several years, the focus on adequately battle-training our nation’s warfighters has increased. To provide the best possible training environment, the United States Armed Services have elevated combative training to an unprecedented level in training programs across all branches.

London Bridge Trading Company (LBT) manufacturers the highest quality combative equipment designed specifically for the modern warfighter and peacekeeper. LBT provides U.S. manufactured one-stop solutions for both the High Gear and Special Operations Combative Program (SOCP) lines of combative equipment.

Designed for hand-to-hand scenario training, each suit contains innovative fabric technology for high performance shock absorption and impact protection. All LBT combatives equipment is 100% made in the United States and is Berry Amendment compliant.

In response to the need for new training capabilities, the U.S. Army’s 18th Airborne Corps has upgraded and redesigned their training facility and instructor qualification processes at Fort Bragg, NC. In addition, they have recently acquired cutting-edge combative kits for their training base that are built and provided exclusively by LBT. Instructor equipment has also continued to be acquired from LBT for each component. As the facility continues to be upgraded, the Army has indicated its intention to continue working with LBT to provide training-appropriate combative equipment.

The 18th Airborne Corps training program is extremely rigorous and calls for many rotations of both trainees and instructors using combative gear for extended periods of time. When making the decision to provide the correct equipment, the U.S. Army turned to LBT for a safe, modern and Berry-compliant combatives kit that meets all of their training needs. LBT will continue to partner with the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Special Operations Command to equip our service members with the most effective combatives training equipment available.

LBT designs and manufactures tactical nylon equipment for military forces, law enforcement, government agencies, and other organizations worldwide. In addition to combative solutions, LBT also manufactures backpacks, bags, body armor, vests, water/airtight systems, pouches, accessories, and medical equipment.

All LBT products are made in the United States and are designed with top quality materials and strict manufacturing standards that ensure the most durable and reliable equipment available to today’s military and first responders. Founded in 1985, LBT is headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA. For more information, please visit www.lbtinc.com