Dulles, VA– NIITEK, Inc., part of Chemring North America, makers of advanced ground penetrating radar (GPR) sensor systems, is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Critical Solutions International (CSI), the provider of the Husky mine clearance vehicle. This new agreement was reached in an effort to address significant opportunities in both US and international markets.

Essential and Inseparable Technologies: Saving Lives Worldwide

The US Department of Defense has acknowledged that these two technologies are “essential and inseparable,” designating them as the Husky Mounted Detection System (HMDS). NIITEK, with its proven GPR technology, along with vehicle provider CSI, is currently delivering HMDS’s to customers around the world, including the US Army, the US Marine Corps and other allies. With a growing emphasis on orders into the Middle East and Europe, these combined technologies have saved countless military and civilian lives by locating and marking thousands of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and landmines around the world.

Thomas Thebes, President of Chemring Sensors and Electronic Systems and its subsidiary NIITEK, said, “Our GPR solutions, coupled with the CSI Husky, are combat proven and have saved countless lives across the globe. In pairing the world’s leading GPR and blast-protected mine clearance vehicle, we provide a comprehensive and unmatched solution for landmine and IED detection.”

CSI Chief Executive Officer Patrick Callahan said, “The CSI Husky and NIITEK GPR have seen over seven years of combat operations as a combined system. It makes sense to have our Huskies built GPR-ready as they come off the production line, with all associated electronics, cabling, and mounting devices preinstalled on the vehicle. As the United States DoD moves forward with Automation initiatives, the Husky with GPR will surely have a significant role to play in unmanned route and area clearance.”

About Critical Solutions International (CSI)

CSI is the world’s leading provider and service supporter of blast-protected vehicles with land mine, improvised explosive device and unexploded ordnance detection capability. An essential supplier of the U.S. countermine and humanitarian demining community, CSI’s products lead the way in the safe detection and identification of hidden threats.

For more information, please contact: David Costello, (617) 875-2492 [email protected], or visit www.c-s-i.com


As part of the Chemring Group, NIITEK is the world leader in the design, development and production of Counter-IED Ground Penetrating Radar systems. NIITEK’s combat proven GPR system is the leading metallic and non-metallic mine and IED detection technology leveraging both Impulse or Time Domain GPRs and Step-Frequency Radars (provided by 3d-RADAR AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of NIITEK).

For more information, please contact: Juan Hernandez, Vice President, Business Development (703) 574-6057 [email protected], or visit www.niitek.com