Advanced Cargo Security Solution Developed by Tamper Proof Global Systems and Granite State Manufacturing

gsm-logo2Manchester, NH, June 21, 2013 – Granite State Manufacturing (GSM) and Tamper Proof Global Systems Corporation (TPGS) announced today that the US Navy has accepted delivery of the world’s first commercially available tamperproof intermodal cargo container. This is the first acquisition by the Navy of an intermodal cargo container that is capable of providing absolute cargo security for high value freight.

The TPGS/GSM tamperproof intermodal cargo container utilizes a proprietary manufacturing process that allows for the easy conversion of an existing intermodal cargo container, lining all 6 surfaces of the container with an advanced electronic textile sensor system. This system can detect any intrusion/extrusion event in the container down to 2mm in size and provides real-time data monitoring and alarm capabilities that can integrate with virtually any communications network.

Since 9/11, government agencies and private companies have invested a tremendous amount of funding and effort to address the issue of intermodal cargo container security. The lack of robust container security technologies has been a constant threat to international commerce and national security. Intermodal cargo containers that have been converted to secure containers using the TPGS/GSM technology ensures the complete integrity of cargo during transit to its final destination, eliminating theft and tampering threats.

“The TPGS/GSM technology encapsulates the volumetric space of the cargo container with a sensor-filled network that provides 100% awareness of the security of the contents of the container,” said the Chairman of TPGS, Dr. Gilbert D. Beinhocker. “Our 17 patents have allowed us to solve a problem that has vexed the shipping industry and governments for decades. We are looking forward to applying our technology to secure our nation from the present threats posed by lax container security.”

Glenn Lawton, President of GSM said, “Our 75 years of experience manufacturing complex military and commercial products allows GSM to provide a cost effective solution for container security. We are committed to investing in the proliferation of this important technology and believe that we have developed an elegant solution for an extraordinarily challenging problem.”