Unique domestic manufacturing capabilities provide Armed Services with technically advanced textiles

burlington1GREENSBORO, NC, June 5, 2013 — Burlington Industries LLC, a division of International Textile Group (ITG), announced today it has been awarded two contracts totaling a maximum of $160M by the Defense Logistics Agency to supply wool blend fabrics for use in the newly updated Army dress uniforms. These fabrics will be produced at the company’s facilities in Raeford and Cordova, North Carolina.

Burlington has been an integral part of the defense supply chain for more than 50 years, serving as a domestic resource for new fabric development and known for delivering quality products with consistent shade characteristics. “The award of these contracts demonstrates the strategic value that Burlington provides to the U.S. Military as the dominant supplier of worsted wool dress uniform fabrics for all branches of the military,” said Jeff Peck, President Burlington.

These awards follow four contracts previously awarded to Burlington this past April. These contracts, awarded over a five-year period, include a contract for khaki polyester/wool tropical shirt fabric for the U.S. Marine Corps with a maximum value of $21 million; a contract for green gabardine sponged fabric for jackets and pants for the U.S. Marine Corps with a maximum value of $28.5 million; a contract for khaki polyester/wool tropical shirt fabric for the U.S. Navy with a maximum value of $18 million; and a contract for gabardine sponged blue fabric for the U.S. Navy with a maximum value of $3.5 million.

Burlington’s Raeford operation is known for its superior consistency and repeatability of yarn color used to produce dress uniform fabrics. The wool top is dyed and spun into yarn and is shipped to the company’s Richmond plant in Cordova, NC where it is woven into fabric. The worsted wool and wool blend fabrics are returned to Raeford where they are finished and shipped to specified cutters to make the final uniform. The fabrics are engineered to provide the soldier with advanced durability and wrinkle-resistance. Skilled workers, many with more than 20 years experience, carefully tend to the yarn and fabric at each process. “It’s a matter of our employees’ taking pride in our products and the dedication they bring to building the fabrics for those who serve our country,” said Peck.

Expanding the Platform

Several years ago, to expand its military business, ITG combined the resources from four of its business units, Burlington, Safety Components, Narricot, and Carlisle, to create an extensive military products platform of diversified fabrics developed to service the specific needs of the military market. Products include fabrics for camouflage combat and utility uniforms, Class A dress uniforms, physical training and extreme cold weather wear, flame resistant and fire fighting protective clothing, high performance equipment, ballistic fabric and webbing for body armor and load carrying equipment. Production facilities are located in Raeford, Burlington, and Cordova, NC; Carlisle and Greenville, SC; and Boykins, VA.

“ITG’s military fabrics business is critical to our U.S. structure and to our overall business,” said Peck. “The diversification of our technical product line has strengthened our value and service to the U.S. military, opening new opportunities for both ITG and the military. As we strive to support the needs of the warfighter, the company is challenged by the volatility of military contracting procedures, a volatility that has been compounded by the recent sequestration and defense budget constraints.”

Peck continued, “Product cycles and procurement needs within the military vary and are influenced by a broad variety of factors. While the recent contracts for dress uniform fabrics are very positive for our business, the declining investment in other military programs has had a dramatic effect on our Carlisle Finishing and Narricot operations. ITG is committed to maintaining a strong, diversified supply chain to service the Department of Defense but the viability of that platform is being severely tested by the current budget uncertainty and temporary hold on certain programs.”

About ITG

International Textile Group, Inc. (ITG) is a global, diversified provider of textile solutions across performance & specialty apparel fabrics, advanced uniform fabrics, technical commercial fabrics, and engineered automotive components. ITG’s business units include: Burlington Worldwide, Cone Denim, Safety Components, Narricot, and Carlisle Finishing. The company employs approximately 5,000 people worldwide with operations in the United States, Mexico, and China. To learn more visit www.itg-global.com.